Here’s a collection of articles I’ve written in the past, mostly for college. I just did some minor cleanup to make them more presentable, but they are 99% as they appeared to my professors.

  1. An Overview of Swidden Minority Agriculture in Yunnan
  2. A Review of “Emporer, Rice, and Commoners” by Yoshihoko Amino
  3. A Review of “Modern Patriarchy and Formation of the Japanese Nation State” by Ueno Chizoku
  4. A Review of “Myth of the Hunter-Gatherer” by Kenneth Ames
  5. Awareness and Collaboration in Sustainable Agriculture
  6. Carved by Water – A Study of Chinese Hydrology and How it Shaped Chinese History and Culture
  7. Gender in “White Snake” by Yan Geling
  8. “The Story of Qiu Ju” – Film Criticism

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