I’m currently rebuilding this site and reorganizing and prioritizing the projects. Guts and Sass is going to undergo a full rewrite. I’ll be putting out a classic fantasy short story this spring, and eventually a collection of short stories from my year living in the woods.

For a year I lived in the woods with families with children, temperatures ranging from 100 degrees F, to -30. For most of that time I made fire only with friction. I bathed in the lake or with snow. I traveled by foot. I gathered much of my own food. I learned to build bark and thatch lodges and I lived in them. I didn’t write.

I experienced the death of my partner in a faraway land, within a context where I could not stop moving, could not stop functioning, had to go on with gathering firewood and taking care of kids. I did a lot of screaming and crying and talking and laughing and mourning and exulting and learning how to live more fully alive.

All that will translate into written words. I’ve just got to organize it and get it and get it on paper.


Here’s a collection of articles I’ve written in the past, mostly for college. I just did some minor cleanup to make them more presentable, but they are 99% as they appeared to my professors.

  1. An Overview of Swidden Minority Agriculture in Yunnan
  2. A Review of “Emporer, Rice, and Commoners” by Yoshihoko Amino
  3. A Review of “Modern Patriarchy and Formation of the Japanese Nation State” by Ueno Chizoku
  4. A Review of “Myth of the Hunter-Gatherer” by Kenneth Ames
  5. Awareness and Collaboration in Sustainable Agriculture
  6. Carved by Water – A Study of Chinese Hydrology and How it Shaped Chinese History and Culture
  7. Gender in “White Snake” by Yan Geling
  8. “The Story of Qiu Ju” – Film Criticism

The Trap

The Trap

The Trap is a bleak and empowering personal allegory of relationship with masculinity, authority, and self. You can read it online, or you can download the story for free in any major eBook format here. The Trap is also ported … Continue reading